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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lack of Sleep Rocks!!!

I'm happy to announce that this week, I kept someone awake until 5am though they live half way around the world.  They lost an entire nights sleep because of me.  It might sound like a rotten thing to do, but trust me it was unintentional... or was it?

I have talked with this really great lady on facebook a few times, and so it didn't seem out of the ordinary for me to receive a message from her as soon as I got online (she lives in England and she's done many interviews with other authors, and now, including one with me).  When she told me that she was awake until five in the morning, my initial thought was that she was sick.  I asked her if she was.  The next six words she typed was probably the biggest compliment I've received about Blind Veil yet.  It was music to my ears.  'I had to finish your book!' she wrote, then later added 'I could not put your book down!'  Alas, it's truly an indescribable feeling when words that you pen onto the page are read and enjoyed.  Writing a book is hard work, after all.

When finished with the writing, the author is so relieved... it's finished!...but wait... it's not really.  The next step is the editing, which to me is the most grueling of all steps involved in publishing a book simply because, in my mind, there's no creative outlet in it.  Most books have several steps of editing.  My first edits, I do myself.  I call them pre-edits, since I am the worlds worst editor as you will see often, if you follow my blog.  Once my pre-edits are completed, I'm ready to celebrate... it's done!... but not really, not yet.  Off the book goes to the real editors, and I use more than one, so this process has to repeat itself at least twice.  Usually it's sent to each editor twice, in order to double check everything.  Then it comes back...It's done!, no... not really, not yet.  Even after those changes are made, at least a few mistakes always remain.  And then finally... it's ready and YES IT IS.  It's done!...but not really... the final step is in ordering the paperbacks and or releasing it in e-book form, and then it really is done....isn't it?

I released the e-book version of my novel Blind Veil on Halloween as a pre-release to the softcover which will be coming out soon.  Some publishers might say that I did that backwards, but I did it in order to get the word out about the book using the easiest method I could think of; by posting it as an affordable e-book first.  Getting readers to read a specific book can be a challenge, especially for a new author.

And then Amazon came out with Kindle Select.  With Kindle Select offering hundreds of thousands of free e-books to customers, it takes more than posting it on Amazon's page to tweek the interest of book lovers.  Blind Veil is a Psychological Thriller and is currently available on Amazon at $2.99.  I have chosen not to join Kindle Select at this time because they restrict the author.  Books under the Kindle Select program cannot be sold as e-books elsewhere, nor can they be given away free on any other sites, or anywhere else.  Since I started a group that gifts e-books to military service members, that restriction doesn't work for me.  After the work involved in the writing of the book, I don't want to sell exclusively through one company, even one as large as Amazon.  So I am currently forging forward with a non-free book.

Tomorrow I'm running a One Day Only sale-'Thriller Thursday- 99cent sale!'  Though I consider keeping a reader from proper sleep the biggest compliment I've received so far, I'm hoping that most of my readers will be able to start reading it earlier in the day.  If it does keep you awake at night, please forgive me for your lack of sleep, though I will privately revel in the thought of it.  I want you to enjoy this book and these characters, and so I'm posting it at 99 cents, with the hopes that you can grab it when it's on sale.

Personally, I think for that price Blind Veil is a steal, but then again being the author makes me as biased as it gets.  So see for yourself.  Check out the reviews:

And here are nine excerpts from separate sections of the book:

If it looks interesting to you, check it out.  For a buck, what have you really got to lose?  You can't even get a hot cup of coffee at that price and apparently my book will keep you just as awake, so it's a win-win.  Be warned though, there are some gruesome incidents at the beginning and many oddities within the plot.  So if you are a reader of soft romances and don't like scary, this book is not for you.  If you like crime stories, paranormal, or science fiction, this book is likely right up your alley.  It's just like all my ads read.  Blind Veil is NOT your grandmother's Fairy Tale.  

The first few chapters occur decades ago, but then it will change up on you and you'll find yourself in New York City today, riding along side a great cop.  Find out what connects him with the unreported crime from decades ago, and why he has to dig into the past to find answers.

BLIND VEIL...Thursday...99 cents...hope you enjoy my pages.