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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I'm happy to announce that Heather Boustead has read and reviewed Blind Veil. She also interviewed me for an article on her Blog.Check out both at:

Your can also read Heathers review along with all of Blind Veil's reviews at:  

I'm so glad you enjoyed Blind Veil, Heather.  :-)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Interview with Author Calinda B

~Calinda B~  Author of the Wicked Series

It's my pleasure to have Calinda B as guest on my blog today. 
About this author:

The Fun Part: Calinda B was told early on that she should be a writer. She heard frequent praise for her writing, as well as her sense of humor. Scoffing at such admonitions and praise, she went on to pursue her life of adventure, chock full of the things that make up a well-rounded adventurous life: music (yup, she was a singer in a rock and roll band), dance (even performed hip hop in Russia), rock climbing (ever hung from a rock wall a few stories up? Yikes!), fire walking (taught high-ranking Moscow fire officials how to walk the coals), kayaking, scuba diving (she's in love with sharks), travel, and falling in love again and again.

Living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with the love of her life and her two cats, she has now chosen to put fingers to keyboard and write - when she's not in pursuit of another adventure!

The Daily Grind:  An award-winning web designer and certified SEO specialist, Calinda B has worked in the Internet industry as a web page designer/developer since the early 1990's. She has also taught web site design and computer graphics at community colleges in Northern California. In addition to writing, Calinda B creates fine art and music, and enjoys scuba diving, kayaking, and bike riding. Calinda B makes her home in the Pacific Northwest with the love of her life and her two cats. She is currently working on the third book in The Wicked Series, A
What is something that surprised you about being an author?

First, how much fun it is. I really enjoy the process of writing. Second, how much I learn about the world, both inside and out, through the art of crafting fiction. This was an unexpected surprise and benefit. I find that I have integrated parts of my own psyche through writing (inner evolution!), made amazing new
friends, become part of a greater community of supportive authors and learned interesting things about shamanism, whales, star people, relationships and more. I am quite happy with all of this.

What one word describes how you feel when you write?


Do you ever write in your PJ’s?

Er, since I don't wear PJs, no. I do wear grunge bunny clothes to write, each and
every day!

So do you like to cook?

I love to cook and excel at creating simple, tasty, elegant, healthy food.

Do you normally eat breakfast, or do you skip it and get straight to work?

Since I get up so early, I drink green jasmine tea until my sweetie pie gets up.
Then, we eat together.

Do you have pets? Do you have a picture of them you can share?

We have two fine Abyssinian cats (picture attached). They are smart as whips and will do tricks if there is something in it for them. Otherwise, they can’t be bothered. People who read my books and come over to visit think their names are Mac and Jack, like the cats in the books. I tell them those are their pen names. I had to protect their identity.

Calinda, I wonder if these two know how cool they are.  

Where and when do you prefer to do your writing?

I get up early (between 4am and 6am), when the spirits are still whispering and the stillness of the night is in its final state of lingering fullness. We have a light and bright front room that I have taken over as my writing room of choice. It’s the most peaceful room in the house. I put the laptop in my lap, my tea at my side. I can gaze out the huge arched windows in front at trees and water (when the dawn arrives); and stare at the flowerbed, long stretch of lawn and neighbor's house out the back double doors. We live in paradise.

What are your thoughts on receiving book reviews - the good and the bad?

I love to get the good reviews - who doesn't? The so/so ones can be useful if constructive. The bad, snarky ones I can truly live without. I have only received a couple of those and I want to say: "SOMEONE has his/her panties in a bunch, doesn't s/he? Go back to bed and try for a new beginning to the day." If you can’t say anything useful to the author or the readers, don’t bother saying anything.

What’s your bucket vacation?

As in bucket list? 

We love to scuba dive. Wakatobi (Indonesia) is in our future, as is Bonaire and La Paz.

Those sound awesome!  

Okay, so what’s your favorite quote?

I used this quote in an art project long, long ago in Junior High. I didn’t know it at the time but it has always had deep meaning for me and represents the manner in which I live life: "I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry-rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time." Jack London, Jack London's Tales of Adventure.

Check out information on Calinda B's novel's.  Her newest Wicked book is Wicked Whispering.
Twitter @calindab1

You can buy the Wicked Series on Amazon: , or go to the
website for more options.

Thanks for the interview, Calinda.  I loved learning more about you.  

Thursday, May 17, 2012

REVIEWING BOOKS- What's your opinion?

I'm looking for reader and author comments.  What do you think should go into a book review?  I'll be posting an article on the subject next week..Thanks for your input!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Thank you to Elemillia, Kristine and Charina!

I want to take a moment to thank

Sunday, May 13, 2012


BLIND VEIL - Making Connections Book Tour


And the book tour has started!  What a great way to meet new readers and to build lasting relationships with book blogging sites.  I am psyched that my tour starts on May 11th.  It lasts through May 21st, and I will be hard pressed to leave my computer as much as usual.  I am anxious to see what the comments are left at each blog stop. 
I'm looking forward to getting Blind Veil in front of more readers and another thing I'm hoping for is reader reviews. For a debut book, a tour is great way to find both.  I'm feeling pretty grateful that I was invited to this event.

Making Connections Book Tour

I'm doing my first book tour 'Making Connections Book Tour' which runs from May 12th through May 21st, 2012. Making Connections is the book tour arm of a wonderful Goodreads group I joined earlier this year. They  organize book tours, help match readers with books, authors with reviewers, and bloggers with authors. This is a great group to be in.  If you haven't already joined, it's one to consider.  Here's the link to Making Connections Goodreads page.

Book Tour Stops:

May 12th ~ Book Reviews, Fiction Reflections, N' More

May 13th ~ Kristine Cayne -

May 14th ~ Charina M. Simeon 
May 15th ~ "The random thoughts of Stephen Herfst"

May 16th ~ JA

Author Interview

May 17th ~ Kimberly Lewis Novels

May 18th ~ Tricia Kristufek
 May 19th ~ Name: Elizabeth Gorski

May 20th ~ Sheri

MakingConnections blog.

-Currently Working On-
Blind Veil II (untitled- will be released in December)
TW I (in edits) expected release date July
TW II (in edits)
TW III (in edits)
Cannon Balls for Girls (in page design)
The G Wars (1/3 finished)
TW IV (started)
WR (started)

I will be posting other author interviews on my blog over the next 
few weeks.  Please stop by and check out those authors and their 
latest books.

Happy Reading, everyone!

Saturday, May 12, 2012