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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Guest post by Author Christine Cunningham

I'm happy to say that I'm posting this article about a great Author and friend, Christine Cunningham.  Check out the information below and check out her books First Snow and Eternal Beginning.  It will make some folks a Great Valentines Day Gift!

The way to your Valentine’s heart is through their eReader
By Christine Cunningham

It’s minutes before your big dinner date, and you still don’t have a gift. Jewelry? Not on your salary. Chocolates? If they’re on a diet, you’re in trouble. What about a trip to Paris for a stroll under the lights of the Eiffel Tower? Oh yeah, money.


I’ve got it! Go get your sweetheart’s eReader and download a romantic tale to get them in the mood. My book First Snow is a great choice. Are they more of New Age reader? Eternal Beginning will fit the bill nicely.

Bonus points with your sweetheart promise to add a new book every month.

Yes, you can be thoughtful last minute.

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