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Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's my pleasure to be interviewing Author Charity Parkerson today on her Newest Release 'DANGER UNDERCOVER'

Please tell me about your newest release, I’d like to know a little more about your writing style.

My newest release is “Danger Undercover” which is actually a re-release of my very first novel.  It introduces the black ops agents of The U.S. Defense against Homeland Terrorism.  With the exception of my book, “Wicked Sinners” this book is written in the same style as my other books.  The book is broken up into four different short stories, slowly revealing the entire story from different character’s prospective, starting with Caitlin.  Caitlin is a normal woman living a normal life so when she wakes up locked in a stranger’s basement she can’t understand why anyone would want to kidnap her.  This one event sets several more in motion and reveals that a few people are not who they claim to be.

What genres do your books fall into? Please list them all.

Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Erotic Romance, and Paranormal Romance.

What are the most commonly used words/phrases that you hear about from your readers about your books? (via, book reviews, fb, twitter, etc)?

Hot and laugh out loud funny.

Have you personally experienced anything that you’ve written about?

I’ve personally experienced several things in my books. (LOL) In all seriousness, in “Danger Undercover” I describe a dream that one of the characters has that I myself had.  It was the most powerful dream that I’ve ever experienced and it wouldn’t leave me alone until I wrote it down.  It was the beginning of my writing career, because from there, it continued to grow until it became an entire book.

Who is your all-time favorite character that you’ve penned to the page, and why?

Lena!! She appears in almost every book that I have written because I can’t let her go, also she is the most requested character.  Fans can’t get enough of her, and I think that is hilarious because…she is me!

Which of the following best describes characters you’ve written?

A. Southern Belle
B. Vivacious Vixen
C. Goth Gal
D. Motorcycle Mama
E. Sweet young thing
F. Handsome Hotty
G Sizzling Siren
F Other ____________________(Do Tell…)
All of the above

I’m going with F. Sexy Screwed up mess.  I like to write characters that you would not normally love and then make you love them.

In a word, how do you feel when you’re writing?

Who is your biggest fan?

My husband.  His support and belief in me is what pushed me to attempt publishing.

What’s the most surprising thing that’s happened to you due to your writing?

I don’t know how to narrow it down to one thing.  It always surprises me when people know who I am, but if you are asking for a juicier story, I once had a man beg me to leave my husband in order to marry him, and then he went on to describe in great detail every way that a marriage to him would be beneficial to me. 

What’s your favorite song?

“You got it bad” by Usher

What’s your favorite meal?

Anything Mexican

If you had to choose one trait over the others for your main characters, which B would it be?


Brains, although, a hot bod is hard to give up.

If you were not otherwise committed, what film star would you love to know better?

Alexander Skarsgard.  I’m absolutely convinced that he is my soul mate.  He just doesn’t realize it yet.

Intellectually, what does it for you?

Quick wit.  I love a man who can think on his feet.

If you could live ANYWHERE free for a year, where would you choose?


Do you have any pets?

I have a dog named Spike. 

How do you select your character’s names?

It depends on the country they originate from. Each of my characters are researched by region and time period since some of my vampires are thousands of years old.  A few of my characters are named after friends of mine. 

If you weren’t writing in your preferred genre, what other genre would you choose?

I think that I have some hardcore erotica buried in me.  I don’t think that I’m capable of pulling off a clean book.

What’s coming next?

2013 “Sinners 4”

How can readers find you?

I also host a show on itunes as part of the FromPage2Screen network

Thank you so much for your time in doing this interview. I’d love to interview you again when you have your next book release. Any idea when that will be, and would you be interested in doing another interview then?

I have another book releasing the first of April called “Undefeated” this is another re-release, but Sinners 3 will, with any luck, be releasing this fall.  I would love to do an interview whenever you’ d like.

Sounds awesome! 

Below are some of Charity Parkerson's books available now.  

Check them out if you want to bring a little heat to your fire! 

CLICK ON THE BOOK and it will take you to amazon. 


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