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Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'd like to say thank you to all of those almost 800 readers who came by to visit the blog this past week and read the FREE CHAPTERS.  I hope you enjoyed them. 

If you liked Blind Veil and you'd like to read the complete book, you can find the full eBook version for purchase at: 


 The 3.99 sale price will go up to 5.99 next month when the softcover book is released, so grab your copy now while it's still at the lower price.
Looking for the sequel?... the second book is due for release later this year.   Please become a member of this blog and bookmark this page so you can keep up with the updates on the sequel. 


5.0 out of 5 stars Incredibly Complex, Suspenseful, Genre-Mixer, April 13, 2012
Mallory_Supernatural Aficionado (Montezuma, GA)

An incredibly intense reader's hook rockets us into this novel, yanked by the throat, jaw-dropped, and that hook never lets go. It's difficult to "race through the pages" when you're reading an ebook, but I just about managed to because I simply couldn't turn away. Author Michael Lorde demonstrates a sure eye for identifying social patterns and cultural milieus, and delivers those without judgment or faulting.

"Blind Veil" is a VERY complex novel, thankfully the first in a series. There are multiple layers, several different genres, solid protagonists and numerous deftly-designed secondary characters. I was riveted, and could not sleep until I had stayed up later than usual, simply because I was unwilling to set the novel aside to finish later! I marveled at the ways in which Author Lorde intertwined the diverse threads of past and present (and future) and was stunned by the impact of the conclusion. "Blind Veil" works fine as a stand-alone, but I for one am grateful to see it continuing into a series, because I definitely wish to learn more about Lamont Simms, about research scientists Byron Chelevski and Rae Sullivan, and especially about that incredibly dramatic conclusion, which I refuse to spoil for the reader. (Be good to yourself: read the book through-this is NOT a novel in which to read the end before the beginning, as some readers do. Please do NOT read the END first!) 

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