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Sunday, May 13, 2012


BLIND VEIL - Making Connections Book Tour


And the book tour has started!  What a great way to meet new readers and to build lasting relationships with book blogging sites.  I am psyched that my tour starts on May 11th.  It lasts through May 21st, and I will be hard pressed to leave my computer as much as usual.  I am anxious to see what the comments are left at each blog stop. 
I'm looking forward to getting Blind Veil in front of more readers and another thing I'm hoping for is reader reviews. For a debut book, a tour is great way to find both.  I'm feeling pretty grateful that I was invited to this event.

Making Connections Book Tour

I'm doing my first book tour 'Making Connections Book Tour' which runs from May 12th through May 21st, 2012. Making Connections is the book tour arm of a wonderful Goodreads group I joined earlier this year. They  organize book tours, help match readers with books, authors with reviewers, and bloggers with authors. This is a great group to be in.  If you haven't already joined, it's one to consider.  Here's the link to Making Connections Goodreads page.

Book Tour Stops:

May 12th ~ Book Reviews, Fiction Reflections, N' More

May 13th ~ Kristine Cayne -

May 14th ~ Charina M. Simeon 
May 15th ~ "The random thoughts of Stephen Herfst"

May 16th ~ JA

Author Interview

May 17th ~ Kimberly Lewis Novels

May 18th ~ Tricia Kristufek
 May 19th ~ Name: Elizabeth Gorski

May 20th ~ Sheri

MakingConnections blog.

-Currently Working On-
Blind Veil II (untitled- will be released in December)
TW I (in edits) expected release date July
TW II (in edits)
TW III (in edits)
Cannon Balls for Girls (in page design)
The G Wars (1/3 finished)
TW IV (started)
WR (started)

I will be posting other author interviews on my blog over the next 
few weeks.  Please stop by and check out those authors and their 
latest books.

Happy Reading, everyone!

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