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Tuesday, February 14, 2012



It's my pleasure to post an interview today with the very talented Author Charity Parkerson.  Charity has written numerous books which can be purchased in digital eBook form, paperback and hardback.  Today's featured book 'WICKED SINNERS', is the perfect Valentines Day Gift for your favorite reader.

M:  Hi Charity.  Thank you for taking time out of your busy day for this interview.  Tell me about yourself.

C:  I am a married mother of two very rambunctious boys.  I am also the award winning author of 5 novels, and several flash-fiction pieces. I’m best known for my “Sinners Series” that won Best Book by in an Indie author in 2011.

M: When did it really dawn on you that you’re an author.  Was is a specific thought or experience?  How did it affect you?

C: I think when I received my first fan letter it really hit me that people were reading my books and making a connection with my characters. 

M: What prompted you to write this particular book? Was there a 'moment' that the plot came to you, or did you think on it for a while?  Or you had a dream, perhaps?

C: It was a dream.  I could see Julien so clearly and I knew that he was not necessarily “good” but he had a story to tell.  His character continued to grow from there, and he was not satisfied until it was all down on paper. Yes, I know that I sound crazy, but I think that most writers can relate to what I am saying.

M: I’d like to find out about what's happened since you began writing. Is there an experience you’ve had since publishing your books that sticks in your mind perhaps a person or place that you’ll never forget that you only got to experience because of your decision to write?
C: The most wonderful thing that has happened to me since starting my writing career is the awesome people that I have met. I’ve made so many great author friends along the way.

M: Who is your greatest inspiration, who’s your greatest supporter, and do you have a mentor?

C: My husband is by far my biggest supporter. Without him, I would have never tried for publishing.  He stayed on me until I finally took a chance, and to my surprise, I was published on my first attempt.

M: How do your life’s experiences carry over into your writing?

C: I’m going to be very secretive on this one. I have written about my life already, my readers just don’t realize it, so now you have to get my books and try to figure out which one.

M: Would you like to leave the readers with a message from you today?

C: I love my fans. They are the best in the world. I’ve been so blessed with wonderful readers who leave glowing reviews, and I love them for it. I’ve been moved to tears by some of the reviews and comments that I’ve received. 

M: Please share with me any links to your website, blog, video, twitter, or any others ways you connect with your fans, so they can find and follow you?

Publisher Website~

M: Thank you for sharing your time with me here today, Charity. I'd love to interview you again for your next book. Are you up for it?

C: Sure, I’d love to.  Sinners 3 should be releasing sometime in 2012, but no firm date has been set yet.

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