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Sunday, February 12, 2012


I am glad to announce that today I am posting an interview with Matthew and Danielle Drake of Kourageous Kids Storybooks.  I am one to support great causes.  This one stands out in my mind as one above many.    

Q: Where are you located?

A: Washington State.
Q: Tell me about your company and what you do?

A: We write stories for children with terminal illness, in which they are depicted as the hero/heroine.

Q: What prompted this program?  How did you get the idea to begin it?

A: A friends son was undergoing surgery and we wrote him a story. We knew his mother personally, so we asked what he liked, and made him the hero in a story perfectly tailored for him.

Q: Was there one experience you’ve had since beginning it that was the most gratifying? Perhaps one specific event or conversation that you’ll never forget?

A: Honestly, I think each and every one has a pretty powerful impact on our lives. The hardest, to date, are the ones in which the children have passed and moms and dads want a ‘finding their way home’ story.

Q: How can others get involved in order to help support this program?

A: Well, anyone can volunteer anything from artwork, inspirational short stories, or poetry. All tweets, shares and word of mouth helps and Donations are very welcome, since financial help is the hardest to find.  

Q: Is there a place where folks can go to make contributions?

A: Yes, our site,! has buttons for both volunteers and donations.

Q: Who’s the one person who’s helped you out the most in getting things up and running?

A: Oh, goodness. Um, Betty Dravis, Sue Palmer was a huge help, Fiona Mcvie, book junkies (A facebook group) and most of our facebook friends.

Q: What message would you like to share with the families you write for?

A: Don’t ever stop fighting. We are rooting for you!

Q: You have been writer’s for a while.  What have you written in the past, before starting this great program?

A: A handful of books, but we’ve pulled them all down to focus on this. We don’t really have time to worry about other projects.

Q: Do you have links to your website, blog, video, twitter, or any others you’d like to share with folks so they can find you and follow you?

A: Sure, we are on twitter: @KourageousKids facebook: and of course, our site!

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful information with me.  I admire the work you do, and appreciate the time you took away from your busy schedule in order to do this interview.   

Much blessings to you and your projects for the kids.  

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