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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


A New World Order is now in place…ruling the planet…one that the populace allowed to get out of control…

The elite government officials, the most wealthy persons, those deemed ‘important’ now live in Utopias…waiting for the other 99 percent to die…

Originally the Order planned your demise via disease…yet, with the aid of a blessed ‘mistake’ they now have an army to do that for them…a vicious, desperate, hungry, army of zombies – or scrats - needing to eat human flesh in order to survive or die themselves…

The Dead Nations’ Army, or DNA, exists worldwide to aid those trapped in ‘Survivor Communities’ by fighting the Order and the scrats en route to providing medicine, sustenance, munitions, and whatever else they can find.
Two siblings torn apart by the rise of the NWO find themselves on both sides of the war and realize after all these years they will need each other once again to survive.

However, the Order have other plans and the scrats appear to have plans of their own. Both have one thing in common: the destruction of the people left behind to fend for themselves…

Alan Dale’s “DEAD NATIONS’ ARMY” trilogy kicks off with a bang as “CODE FLESH” introduces you to a world that is as dark as it is real. Look around, the Order is coming, your flesh is needed…


Author: Alan Dale

Where can readers purchase this novella?

Thank you for your time in doing this very interesting interview, Alan.  I'll continuing to read those articles on your 'SUMMER 150 TOUR'.  Quite interesting stuff you have on those pages. 

Readers-here's the page link for SUMMER 150 TOUR.

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