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Monday, July 2, 2012


To me, there are two distinct ways to live life.  A person can choose to follow their dreams, or not.  

Simply put, I’m a dreamer.  There’s no doubt.  I have been my entire life.  Equally as important to me, I follow mine.  Seeing myself at the age of ninety with very few regrets is important to me.  I want to be the person who doesn’t have to review the list of things I put off each day of my life, because I accepted too many roadblocks and obstacles in my path that kept me from what I value.

If dreams include self accomplishments, then it’s not as difficult to reach them as one might initially suppose.  If dreams revolve around what control one person can exercise over another person, well that’s a different beast entirely.  

In my youth, I found that depending on another person to get my own dreams met, was a dangerous venture, and a ridiculous waste of time.  Unless that other person’s dream and end goal was parallel to mine, it was never going to happen because people are focused on their own dreams.  Unless you’re clearly in it together, you’d spend your time more wisely in pursuing your dream on your own.  But know this... you will not be able to attain your dream without help from others.

Still, there is nothing… I repeat, nothing that you can’t accomplish if you set it in your mind to do it.  

From what I’ve observed, the key to meeting goals is patience.  This is something many of us lack.  We just can’t help it.  We have a dream and goal.  We’re excited.  We’d like it now, please.  

What’s different about those who’ve met their goals, is that they waited it out until it happened.  They did not give up because it was difficult to attain, or they were tired of waiting.  There’s a word for 'giving up'… it’s called 'failure'.  

Success generally doesn’t come instantly.  But it will come.  The key is to keep motivated while working toward it and waiting patiently.  That’s the most difficult step for me; the waiting patiently part, and I venture it’s the same for many.

Personally, I’ve never heard of a success story that didn’t involve the person sitting through a number of failures or waiting through a length of time before they finally accomplished their dreams.

It’s important that while waiting, you surround yourself with other like-minded dreamers and stay supportive of one another.  I also think that steering clear of negative minded folks is imperative.  Doing this will keep your head clear so you can easily continue to focus on what it is you’re seeking.  You want only positivity to affect your belief in attaining your goals.  Negativity will suck away your energy, taking your motivation along with it.

So fellow dreamers, do yourself a favor.  Each day, add a new ‘positive-minded’ person into your arena and shed a negative-minded one.  Eventually you’ll find that you are surrounded by those who will not only accept you and believe in you, they will accept and believe that your dreams will come to you just as much as you believe it yourself.  You may even find yourself surprised in that some may even believe that you're more capable than you think you are.  That's called a great support system.  We all need that in many ways, and throughout life.  Having that support will help you to achieve your goals. 

I love people.  People rock.  People help one another, and people need your positive outlook just as much as you need theirs.  No one has ever accomplished their dreams alone- No one. 

Every recording artist works with many people on the production of their music, and most have band members who help write and perform.  Then there’s their agent, array of listeners, customers, fans, etc.   A rocket scientist does not build his own rocket ship.  An Astronaut doesn’t train himself to handle zero-gravity.  Authors do not edit and market books by themselves; they spread their network over the internet.   They have readers, reviewers, followers.

While you're working and waiting (impatiently) to meet your dream, stop and help others.  Trust me, it will come back to you ten-fold and you will meet people you wouldn't have otherwise.  Those people just might become some of the nicest, you've ever met and friendships will develop that you will value to the point of wondering what you ever did without them.

You have the ability, today, to make a huge impact on another person’s life.  You can do this every day, and it doesn't take much effort.  You truly never know when someone may be struggling.  A fellow dreamer may be having difficulty 'keeping the faith'.  What they just might need from someone today, from anyone, is that one single word of encouragement to keep them from giving up.  You can be that word of encouragement.  I guarantee there will be a day when you’ll need it too. 

The bottom line-

The path to succeed in reaching your goals and meeting your dreams is right in front of you.  Don't veer from it.  Just keep going and don’t let another person drag you backwards by your ankles.  Continue to look forward and you’ll get there.  

On those days that you don’t think you can take another step… lean on the guy next to you until you find your footing again, because he’s heading for the pot at the end of the rainbow too, and I’m sure he’s had his share of help on his travels.  Who knows, if you ask, he might even offer you the use of his walking stick.  

Fellow dreamers... keep the faith.  I'm always grateful for your support.
Hope everyone enjoys their minutes today! 

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